Coming off the page

SOD book bird.JPG

Things don't always go as planned.  I had a background that I created last week and decided I would add a bird or two.  I took an old book and pulled out some pages and drew two birds. I cut out the images, placed them every which way on the background but it just wasn't working.  I created another background.  ARGH!  That one was even worse!  Looking at a left over book page on my drawing table I thought maybe that was the trick.  I turned the page so the words are going opposite directions and attached him away from the page adding a nice shadow.  He looked like he was coming out of the story which was better than I had hoped.  Sometimes you have to just keep trying!  The birds were colored with copic markers, outlined in a colored pencil.  I added some highlights with white charcoal pencil.  I simply rolled blue painters tape to give me the 3-D affect.