The story behind signore greve

In 2005 we headed to Italy for a bicycle trip around this romantic world.  We started in Florence and pedaled a loop through vineyards, olive groves and charming little old country towns.  We covered about 300 miles and loved every minute of it.

Here it is, the photo that started Signore Greve.  I stepped out of our room in Florence and shot this photo.  It was our first experience of the European view of bicycles and we were enthralled. In a suit jacket and basket an Italian chats with a friend.  Note the car passing him.  

No horn honks, no curses, just respect for the cyclist.  I just knew there was art in this photo.

You meet the nicest natives while on a bike!   

You meet the nicest natives while on a bike!



Oh the scarves in Europe!!  The fashion has made it's way into Western dress but in 2005 it hadn't yet arrived here.  I brought many scarves home, pedaling them throughout Italy in my saddle bags. The colors, the fun, the cozy.  How could Greve not have his fashionable scarf floating behind him?

Greve town.JPG

This is where we stayed in the little town of Greve.  This building use to be quarters for the hired hands.  

With modern equipment they were no longer needed. This farmer turned it into a room for rent.  We literally biked through the vineyard to get there.


Here is my own puppy dog Beezil.  You may see a similarity to Celli.  I shrunk her down a bit to fit the basket.  My mom's dachshunds over the years love to hang out over the baskets as the bike cruises along.  It was the perfect pose for Celli.  You will note in the book Beezil's distinctive spot on Celli's side.